Our Plants

We have a large range of orchid varieties with many listed in our shop. We have many more varieties that are not listed or available in small quantities. If there are any specific plants that you are seeking, please contact us as we may have some hidden away, or may know of where we can find them.

Changes in quarantine laws now mean that we are no longer licensed to supply to any states in Australia. We apologise for any inconvenience. We can still send plastic pot orders though. Any mistaken plant orders to out of state locations will be cancelled and payments refunded.

Please note that the images of the orchid flowers are intended as a guide only - actual flowers may vary in form.
Cymbidiums Image
A king amongst kings. Nothing can beat these plants for resilience and beauty. Ideally suited to our southern climates, newer varieties bring exciting colours, forms and fragrance. Cymbidiums grow quite readily in a free draining mix under 50% shade. Fertilise regularly to promote strong growth and flowers. Too much shade will lead to dark green leaves and less flowers.
Oncidium Alliance Image
The Spanish Dancers or Dancing Lady orchids. With a heritage that spans many genera and species, the combinations of colours and forms is insurpassable. These plants like intermediate conditions but will tolerate a wide range of environments. Our plants are grown cool all year round, but would probably benefit from some additional protection in winter. Fertilise regularly and you should be reward with 2 racemes per new growth on mature plants.
Dendrobiums Image
With new colours, freedom of flowering, ease of cultivation and suitability for a wide range of conditions, you cannot surpass the dendrobiums (and dockrillias, which are back in the dendrobium category).
Many of these plants are unflowered hybrids which means that they have potential to produce something spectacular. As they have yet to flower, we may not have images of them, but have a Google and you will get an idea of how they might look.
Dendrobiums are fairly easy to grow and will tolerate a wide range of conditions. Water well in dry months and fertilise regularly. Soft cane dendrobiums should be allowed a "rest" in winter - which means reduce the amount of water and don't fertilise until new growth start in the warmer months.
Sarcochilus Image
Sarcochilus orchids are gaining in popularity due to their compact form and an ever increasing range of colours and styles. These orchids are found along the east coast of Australia with some occuring in Tasmania. They are sometimes called Orange Blossom orchids or Ravine orchids (as they often grow in cool, shady valleys).
Best grown under 50 - 70% shade - a lot of growers place them under the bench so they get additional shading from plants overhead. These plants need protection from the extremes of heat and plenty of water in warm weather. Their compact size makes them ideal for indoor culture.
Warm Growers - Cattleyas/ Vandas and more Image
The warm growing orchids are ideally suited to more tropical areas, but will grow quite happily in cooler conditions (just much more slowly) provided you don't overwater them in winter. The cattleyas are the most spectacular and flamboyant of orchids reflecting a bygone era when corsages where big, bold and kitsch. If retro is not your style, then the newer breeding has produced miniatures, multi-headed and colourful flowers that can be long lasting, fragrant and oh so classy! Vandas are the classic tropical orchid growing well in baskets where their aerial roots can hang free. The flowers are so vibrant, large and textural that they don't look real.
Specialities, Species and Rare Plants Image
These are the rarer, more unusual and more exacting. Worth searching for, there are orchids here for every situation and taste.
Tillandsias - Air Plants Image
These wonderful and peculiar plants are great companions for orchids. They come in a huge array of sizes and shapes and include the amazing Tillandsia usneoides - more commonly known as Old Mans Beard or Spanish Moss.

Our plants are grown outside with the orchids, but these plants are suitable for indoor culture. They like bright light, but not direct, hot sun and regular watering. Misting is great, but the occasional saturation works well. We water our plants every day or two in summer, but once every 7 - 10 days in the depths of winter.
Plants other than orchids Image
Whilst we specialise in orchids, we also collect a range of other rare and hard-to-get species. Indoor foliage plants such as ferns, begonias and philodendrons provide colour and structure all year round. Terrarium plants complement orchids well especially those cooler growing species such as the Pleurothallids or ones requiring high humidity.
Pots and Accessories Image
We stock a wide variety of pots for growing and displaying of orchids as well as many accessories that you may require.
Umbrellas Image
Stand out in the crowd with these funky bespoke umbrellas. Designed and produced by artist, Elizabeth Edmonds, these umbrellas are specially printed with images of actual orchids from the Orchidup greenhouse. These umbrellas fold away neatly and come with a black cover for protection during storage.

Got a favourite orchid that you want on your own personal umbrella? Using your own photo, we can have your very own, unique umbrella printed - contact us for more information.