About Us

Specialising in cool growing orchids, Orchidup is located in the coolest, wettest part of Western Australia, near the town of Walpole.

Orchidup is a family owned business that started as an adjunct to our traditional beef cattle farm. Our forebears were amongst the first settlers in the region, establishing the property in the early 1930s. Their foresight means that the land is highly productive whilst still retaining significant tracts of natural bushland. It is in these areas that we have managed to conserve significant numbers of native orchids.

Conservation and sustainability are high on our agenda with organic principles used on the farm and in the orchid house. We are also actively involved in environmental research to help further the understanding of the unique flora and fauna that make up the surrounding Walpole Wilderness.

Changes in quarantine laws now mean that we are no longer licensed to supply to any states in Australia. We apologise for any inconvenience. We can still send plastic pot orders though. Any mistaken plant orders to out of state locations will be cancelled and payments refunded.

We are not licensed for international plant sales but overseas buyers can still enjoy our range of orchid pots.

A few customers have had problems with checking out via Paypal. If you are experiencing troubles, please email us directly.

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